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A.I. ID=1589

Elektra ID=1591

Gen 13 ID=1592

A.I. $200.00

Elektra $25.00

Gen 13 $40.00

Gen 13 ID=1582

Robot Nuisance ID=1593

Shi ID=1573

Gen 13 $40.00

Robot Nuisance $400.00

Shi $20.00

Shi ID=1588

Shi ID=1590

Shi ID=1584

Shi $30.00

Shi $20.00

Shi $35.00

Silver Sable ID=1587

Thorn ID=1583

Wonder Woman ID=1585

Silver Sable $30.00

Thorn $40.00

Wonder Woman $35.00

X-Men Jean Grey ID=1586


X-Men Jean Grey $30.00